Little PanDa

Friday, January 26, 2007

/*/Koh Talu/*/

In the last holiday.I went to Koh Talu with my mother and my mother's friends.It is in Prajobkirikhun.It's very beautiful.I dived with snorkel .It was the first time that I dive.In fact, I can't swim.I wear lifebuoy shirt so I could float on the surface of water.I could see a lot of fish and corals under water. A lot of fishes swam pass me and I could touch them.I'm very excited.I had unlucky that I got hurt from coral.I didn't care.I'm very happy in this trip.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

^@^ PreEty GirL ^@^

Blink is my counsin. She's 2 years old. She lives with her parents at my grandfather's house. Her parents are my uncle and aunt. My grandmother looks after her because her parents must go to work.But when they come back home,they will look after her. She is very happy . Blink like to take photoes.When I hold camera,she will smile and look at me to take photoes.She doesn't very naughty.She is very pretty girl.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

^+^My FrieNd WitH HaPpY tiME^+^
I have a lot of friend at Silpakorn University. My cloest-friends are Nun,Ta,Gib,Ploy,Auy,Mud,Numtarn and Bow. They are as beautiful as me.^^. I feel happy when I do activities with them.I talk a lot,laugh and smile.I love them so much.

Friday, October 27, 2006

^o^SeE paSs the WinDoW^o^

In the yesterday evening,I took the photoes from the window in my house. There are many tree around my house. Almost all of the house of neighbour made by wood.They are the Thai style house
. I like it.

* *mE* *
I'm Jee. I'm 20 years old.I'm a student at Silpakorn University. I'm studying in faculty of Engineering and Industrial of Technology.I'm very happy when I study at here because I meet a lot of good friend and many good experiences.
This the first time that I post the blog. iI think, it's very well for practise the English.